Our non profit community group had been formed by passionate and dedicated individuals with the main purpose of uniting all Australian Fijians living in Victoria irrespective of their gender, age, religion or ethnic origin to enhance diversity, unity and harmony in our vibrant country Australia that we now call home.

This association is open for anyone in Australia to be part of and is not specific to only individuals with Fijian background. Fijians are proud of their culture and tradition and AIFAV works in collaboration with other community groups to promote equality and multiculturalism. We are a very enthusiastic group with various plans and projects in mind with the main focus of enhancing integration activities for special kids, youths and senior citizens.


Building collaboration, increasing innovation and teaching integrity that brings unity within the community.


Continually improve transform communities by inspiring individuals to open their minds, accept and include people through programs that promotes equality in our society. Our motive is to encourage every child and senior citizens to attain the right to survival, protection, development and participation in order to build a better community for our future generations.

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